Look Into 5 Preschool Jakarta Barat With Outstanding Curriculums

The importance of a great curriculum is that it’s an essential support for the promising quality of future education that every student will be receiving. Specifically, to ensure the development of their child. Therefore, to guarantee the learning of young children, parents must take a deeper look at the curriculum of different schools. Here are five preschools Jakarta Barat with a high-quality curriculum.

Preschool In Jakarta Barat Recommendation

  1. Global Sevilla International Early Years Preschool and School

Global Sevilla was first established in the Cibubur area back in 2001 before it expanded to Pulomas and Puri Indah a year later. Employing “Nurturing Global Students with Character” as their foundation of learning, creating a balance between academic success and positive character-building. The positive character building itself is implemented through their school values.

Giving, Compassion, and Self Control, are the three core beliefs that have helped Global Sevilla in articulating an early years student to grow up becoming an individual with a good attitude. Not only these amazing values but this preschool Jakarta Barat also uses the International Early Years Curriculum that will help develop young students’ fun and practical learning methods.

  1. Kidea Preschool and Kindergarten

Located in Cawang, East Jakarta, Kidea Preschool also qualifies to be one of the preschools in the area with a developed curriculum. They believe that early commitment to study is the most crucial period in a person’s life. A strong learning foundation needs to be established to bestow a young student with a diligent attitude and strong emotional and physical characteristics.

They enhance and supply the need for children’s full potential, by fostering them in an appropriate environment. Kidea applied a setup similar to Montessori schools in usual. Valuing freedom and individual pace for every child, believing that each kid is unique in their way. This preschool Jakarta Barat emphasized the critical role of independent responsibility.

  1. Enderun Islamic Preschool

Enderun is an Islamic-based preschool built in 2005, in the strategic location of Jakarta Barat with the eligible age for preschool being around three to four years old. Their curriculum is based on the 5Q model, Emotional Quotient, Spiritual Quotient, Kinesthetic Quotient, Intelligence Quotient, and Communication Quotient. These five main curricula help their students to grow.

Although all the schools above have high-value curricula, Global Sevilla International Preschool and School, still hold the number one position. Their commitment to achieving a balanced life for the learners under their foundation has shown the public their responsibility in recognizing the importance of balance. So, what’s holding you back from registering your child to Global Sevilla?