Equipped with Sophisticated Features, These are Recommended 5 Hair Dryers that Save Electricity!

The ability to dry up to maximum hair styling makes the hair dryer continue to be used, whether for personal or business needs such as a salon. However, there are still people who are hesitant to use a hair dryer because of the large electricity consumption. Are there any energy-saving hair dryers on the market?

So far, we think that there is no alternative tool that can match the practicality of a hair dryer for hair care. Fortunately, a number of producers seem to be aware of the dilemma that we feel, yes, Girls!

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Recommended Energy Saving Hair Dryer to Support Your Daily Life

As a solution, they offer an energy-saving hair dryer and you can check out the six recommendations for Marsha Beauty below!

Phillips Essential Care Dryer HP8126/02

Energy saving hair dryer

Phillips is a popular brand with a wide range of good quality electronics, including hair dryers. This is the Phillips Essential Care Dryer HP8126/02, a hair dryer offered by Phillips that you can also function as a brush diffuser. The electric power used is only 400 watts.

The diffuser brush helps you to style your hair. As a result, you won’t have to bother combing your hair after drying it with the Phillips Essential Care Dryer HP8126/02.

Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND13

Energy saving hair dryer

Then there is the Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND13, a 400 watt hair dryer that you can add to the list of recommendations. Although the electric power is not large, this hair dryer is equipped with complete features. One of them is three wind speeds that you can adjust to your needs.

Not only that, those of you who are not comfortable with heat flow can activate the strong cool mode on the Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND13. There is also a quick dry nozzle for even drying.

Wigo Hair Dryer W350

Energy saving hair dryer

Wigo Hair Dryer W350 is an economical hair dryer with low electrical power, which is 350 watts. The price itself is more affordable than well-known brands, but it is quite durable even if you use it often.

In addition, the Wigo Hair Dryer W350 is compact and has a light weight which makes it easy to carry for traveling. It’s only natural that this brand is included in the list of energy-saving hair dryers.

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Nova Mini Hair Dryer NV-658

Energy saving hair dryer

The next hair dryer that will not suck electricity is the Nova Mini Hair Dryer NV-658. Like Wigo, you can take a Nova hair dryer with you for long trips. Its small size also makes it easy for you to hold.

To dry hair, Nova Mini Hair Dryer NV-658 provides low and high options for speed settings. The heat flow is even, so your hair will dry thoroughly.

Krisbow Hair Dryer Mini

Energy saving hair dryer

Another well-known brand that provides various electronic devices, Krisbow, also presents a quality hair dryer with a small electrical power, which is 600 watts. There are three color options that you can choose from, including purple, pink, and green.

As the name implies, the Krisbow Hair Dryer Mini is small in size with a handle that you can fold. So, you don’t need to provide a large space in your bag or backpack to store it.

Xiaomi Mijia Hair Dryer CMJ01LX

Energy saving hair dryer

Yes, not only good at producing smartphones, Xiaomi is also able to bring household appliances such as hair dryers. In this case, they produce the Xiaomi Mijia Hair Dryer CMJ01LX which is equipped with a high-power motor to generate strong winds without drying the hair.

Another technology that you can use from this hair dryer is water ion technology. Its function is to spray small negative ions to moisturize and shine hair.

Among these six energy-saving hair dryers, is there one that is right for you, Marshalova? You can get the six hair dryers at beauty or electronic shops. You can also get it more easily in various marketplaces in Indonesia.